Resurfaced The Deck on My PJ Trailer April 2020

Since I am in Arizona, and self quarantined, I decided to update the deck on the PJ. I had all of the materials, and I wanted to beat the summer heat, so I sanded and re-sealed the deck of my flatbed trailer. I actually didn't have sandpaper, but Amazon was nice enough to bring some for me. Just a quick overview. I have a 18' foot PJ trailer, to haul my Jeep, and or my quads and camping gear around. I also have a slide-in camper that goes on my pickup, and it can get kind of cramped inside. What I like to do is when I get to my camping spot, I unload my trailer, and set it up to use as a deck, but the wood was crazy dry, and riddled with splinters. It was hard just to load, and tie things down without getting stuck with wood. It was getting dangerous, and at the very least uncomfortable. So I thought I could clean it up before the Arizona summer hit with its vengeance.

Here is a picture of it set up at Boulder ORV Park. Just a quick plug because this is an Arizona Experience site. Boulder ORV Park is a fun place to ride quads or dirtbikes, also camping is free. It is off of mile marker 12 on Carefree Hwy heading towards Wickenburg . Here I use a regular RV mat, and a 6x6 canopy that I tie down. I also have room for table, chairs and even a BBQ. We like to hang out under the canopy during the day to relax and block the sun. As you can see the decking was kind of rough.

The process started after work for a few hours in the evening. I started by pressure washing the deck, and getting rid of a lot of dirt and oils. I used only hose water, that wasn't heated. I didn't use any soap just the pressure from the washer.

This is what it looked like wet after spraying it down hard.

After letting the deck dry for a couple of days, it was time to start sanding. I sanded for about 3 hours a night for 4 nights in a row. I used a palm sander and started with 60 grit sand paper.

Finally on the fourth night, I sanded the whole deck again with 220grit with the same palm sander.

The next night, I moved the trailer back to in front of the garage, swept it off, and blew the dust off with compressed air. Then the next day, I masked off the floor in the garage with plastic, and towed the trailer into the garage. I masked it off while watching movies.

I blew the dust off of it again, and let it sit overnight. The next morning when I woke up, I went out, and blew the dust off one last time, and started to seal the deck.

This is what it looked like after the first coat.

I let it sit for about an hour and a half, and let it soak in, then I went for a second coat. The second coat was a little heavier than the first coat.

After putting on the second coat, I let it dry off for 3 full days in the garage, then I towed it outside to let the sun really dry it.

I think it turned out phenomenal, I didn't expect it to turn out as nice as it did, but I am pleasantly surprised. Now I don't want to haul anything on it. After the lock-down gets lifted, it is going to be ready to go out camping again.

Here is the sealer I used. I know the picture says ceder, but I actually used clear transparent. There was some sort of light tint in it, but I really like it.