Resurfaced The Deck on My PJ Trailer April 2020

Since I am in Arizona, and self quarantined, I decided to update the deck on the PJ. I had all of the materials, and I wanted to beat the summer heat, so I sanded and re-sealed the deck of my flatbed trailer. I actually didn't have sandpaper, but Amazon was nice enough to bring some for me. Just a quick overview. I have a 18' foot PJ trailer, to haul my Jeep, and or my quads and camping gear around. I also have a slide-in camper that goes on my pickup, and it can get kind of cramped inside.

Site Resurrection

I originally threw up this site so I could show my family our trip to London a few years ago. As it turns out everybody enjoyed the pictures, but the site was never actually finished. I have updated the database now, and fixed the DNS issues. I still need to update the mail servers, and update the application, but we are live again now. Welcome!!

London April 2017

DAY 1:

Imagine it being one of your milestone birthdays, and being a Beatles fan. It was Robyn's birthday, and I wanted to give her something that was worthy of her. I decided to take her to London for a vacation on her birthday. I wanted her to have the best birthday ever. I let her decide what we were going to do, and I just chased her around London for a week. Here is my Blog about our vacation, and Robyn's birthday.

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